The Orpheum- was originally built in 1912 by J.P Harris Sr. and E.G. Crews. The term "Orpheum" means an enchanting or mysterious place, a place of melodious music. The Orpheum from 1912- 1941 played films and often times could be found with rows of strewn popcorn boxes and kernels lining the aisle way.

It was originally built in a funnel shape, a feature that amplifies sound like an amphitheater. Unfortunately, in 1941 the theater suffered a major fire and was rebuilt once again in 1943. The Orpheum had a sister venue, located on Main Street in downtown Oxford, that was called "The Carolina Theater". We have since named one of our suites after this sister venue that closed in the '60s. It was once stated that the biggest decision for young men in Oxford in the early ’50s was to stand on the corner at the courthouse and look to the left and see The Carolina Theater and look to the right at The Orpheum and try to decide which western they wanted to see!


From the 1940’s to the 1960’s, The Orpheum was used for live stage shows highlighting the regions top western performers. The theater once had a 24 foot deep stage and three sets of curtains. With the changing tides in film and technology, the once theater was no longer a lucrative business and was sold. Since then, the theater was made into office space and left vacant for many years.

Upon arriving to their new home of Oxford in 2018, Britnye and Cody Shore saw The Orpheum and instantly became drawn to the natural beauty that it had and was able to see past the deteriorating façade. “It peaked our interest and it was like a magnet, just begging to be restored into something amazing.” The Shores inquired about the building and just a few short months after that, it was all hands on deck to get this beauty back to it’s glorious being. The Shores along with the theater owner, Stuart Paynter, started the plans to keep the historic charm of The Orpheum but wanted to bring love and unity back into it. “We couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to turn it into a wedding venue where couples from all over can come and experience this piece of history and allow it to be apart of the biggest day of their life.”

The team of Charles Wood Construction and CH Architects along with the vision and design by The Shores, is how this new theater came to be.


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